Go Missions Bolivia

Go Missions began in Bolivia with a group of fired up young people taking a trip up the river Guanay to evangelize. That group of people formed and began praying and now there is a large group of people who have been part of or been touched by the motto LOVE AND SERVE. Over the last 13 years, they continue to meet to pray for missions every Friday and they are moving in missions in the Villages behind the Devils tooth in La Paz, Bolivia.   They have been reaching out to twelve communities consistently first with Children's programs and then in the schools and now through adult Bible Studies.  They are also intentional to Love and Serve in many other organic ways. 

Their newest project is called Emunah House, located in el Alto, Bolivia.  Many children are at risk - their parents work hard and drink hard.  As a result, many children are left to raise themselves.   Emunah House, inaugurated in April 2023, provides a space for kids to come and receive tutoring, snacks, workshops, and most of all… Jesus. 

For more information contact:  Yesmiloza@gmail.com