Go Missions Peru

Casa del Alfarero (The Potter’s House) is home to several seed sowing and discipleship opportunities. We invite people through a variety of experiences to come into contact with Jesus and His church. We provide retreat events such as Immerse English Camp, Vive Retreat, a 5 day wholistic healing experience for woman and our 2 month discipleship and missions training school called CORE. Plenty of other activities take place throughout the year that provide options for the church to invite those who might not be comfortable going to church but are willing to try Jesus through this third party connection. 

We have built four bungalows for marriage ministry, providing a place where a couple can come and get away and receive counseling or simply take time to be together. The rooms are spacious, each with a private bathroom.

In Latin America it’s not uncommon to live in multigenerational homes and often a couple has little or no privacy. For economic reasons they may even have children in their same room and often in their bed. The masculine dominance often keeps women from knowing the family income and unable to share in the decisions over finance. Men have been influenced all of their lives to look at women as an object or a tool. There are often multiple infidelities and violence. As the world changes and as marriages struggle, children also struggle. We desire to provide Biblical teaching and a safe place for couples to receive direction and healing, thereby strengthening the family and discipling them to live according to God’s design.